16 April 2011

A monetary based society is not sustainable

Capitalism has forced us to live in a monetary or profit based society, which puts great pressure on sustainability. A sustainable practice or company would take the health of future resources in consideration. This means they would consider longevity, durability and environmental issues. This idea is not only reserved for the material world but it also applies to society as a whole, including thoughts, beliefs and human conduct.

A company might use inferior materials and use modes of production that produce a disproportionate amount of waste because there is no reward for being sustainable in a capitalist society today. The fundamental part of this system is regeneration and competition. Profit always comes first and foremost because otherwise the company would not survive, to a certain extent profit is based on increasing income and decreasing costs.

In the modern world each human is required to gain income by serving a corporation or client so that they can purchase life necessities. In some cases this perpetuates a different type of waste, the waste of the human mind and human life causing workers to feel alienated by having no real purpose in life. Many feel as though they are wasting their lives on mindless jobs trying to make enough money just to survive from one day to the next.

Things have become more productive when more mechanisation has been introduced to labor, therefore, repetitive monotonous jobs like working at a train station, waiting tables and fixing cars are negligent to be wasting our lives on when modern mechanisation could be easily applied to so many industries such as these.

It is time for social change, it is time for society to be updated to present day knowledge, by not using methods based on monetary gain but by realigning practices and processes to take into consideration the carrying capacity of the earth with the goal of social sustainability.

With a new sustainable economy a new incentive system would be developed to create a new social cohesion and integration for the human race, people could aspire to new goals in life surrounding self fulfillment, learning and being creative in ways that interest them. People would no longer be directed towards the goal of wealth, which would put an end to shortage, protect our environment and alleviate the suffering of our financially poor human beings.